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Terpene spray

Take your aromatic journey to new heights with our superior terp spray, synonymous with quality and satisfaction for discerning connoisseurs.
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How to use Terpene spray

Does the idea of applying terpenes to your products sound difficult? Does it take hours for you to aromatize your products using terpenes? Not anymore, because we at Rare Terpenes have got you covered.
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Sky walker OG 1
“Just have to say much thanks. This king Louie terpine spray is a definite game changer. Taste great and smells great as well. This is crazy but I would swear it increased my the buzz I catch from smoking my buds.”
Jason Brietzke – August 18, 2022
Sky walker OG 1
“Potency is very good. The smoke was excellent, the gassy profile came through nicely.”
linfizz06 – July 12, 2022
“I liked the taste of berries… nice stuff”
Debbie – November 3, 2021
trainwreck og 1
“This is the best flavor to try with your extract. You cant go wrong on it!!”
David – February 8, 2022

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